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is your screen broken?

“I thought that I needed a new charging port for my Galaxy S9 Plus. They said that the contact appeared dirty. They cleaned it for far less than the new port, and said that I can apply that cost if I did need a new port.
Honest, friendly and reasonable!”

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Phone Repair

We aren't like most repair shops, We are better! We do it all! From a phone reset to micro-soldering small chips on the board. Most people trash their phones because an inexperienced tech told them there was no fix. Don't be like most people. Take your phone to an expert.

Security Cameras

We love the freedom we give to people of being able to leave their home/small business at piece knowing they will be alert of everything thats going on while their away. They can literally live view from anywhere in the world at the palm of their hands.

protection pro

ProtectionPro fuses innovative design with proven technologies to create dynamic custom protection for use on any device. Offering more than 40 different colors and textures along with our customizable film lines, the Infinity Series provides endless creative possibilities.

First Electronic Repair store with style

Eagle Eye Repairs was created to be different, to stand out! Not like other shops. A comfortable space to be in while waiting for your electronics to be repaired.